If you’re in business today, you know that in the past few years the landscape has radically changed, especially in regards to how a company’s brand interacts with their customers. Social media is here to stay and it’s a vital part of many businesses marketing initiatives. Now, the hard question: what are you going to post about now that your business has Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, and Instagram profiles?

Obviously, You’ll Want To Choose A Topic & Stick To It

Let’s say you own a car dealership; you know your business and you’ve defined your audience. Now you’ll have to choose a relevant topic. It’s important to separate your personal and professional interests when it comes to your social media accounts. For instance, posting about an awesome (or not so awesome) restaurant you dined at last night is not relevant. Writing about the cars you buy/sell, growth of your company, and providing links to articles related to your industry are all relevant.

Remember That Social Media Is A Conversation

Choose a topic. Start a conversation. Be engaging, encouraging, and embrace your company’s personality. Try starting with a question, “Can’t decide whether to buy or lease? Check out this article and/or give one of our associates a call today! (link to article)”

Keep Your Social Media Content Fresh

Social media never ends. New topics can become challenging. Take a walk in your colleague’s shoes and find out what they deal with on a day-to-day basis, common questions asked that you can post, etc.

Check your spelling and grammar!

Remember while posting and blogging is fun, ALWAYS double check your spelling and grammar. There’s nothing more embarrassing than businesses posting articles with silly mistakes.

Example of a bad post:

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 2.15.49 PM

In this example the post has multiple grammatical errors, spelling errors, and lack of content. They say to check out their new website yet there is no link. Also the amount of exclamation points and periods are a bit excessive.

Example of a good post:

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 4.15.53 PM

This example is a short fun fact regarding SMS vs emails. The post is clear and relatable to the marketing industry.

Balance Your Posts

Different types of posts have different levels of response and while consistency is good, people get bored…QUICKLY. A tweet has a maximum of 140 characters, but as the cliché says, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Don’t be shy about using infographics and videos either as they can be both informative and entertaining.

Remember, success to posting social media for businesses is to make them fun, short and sweet, and positive.