Have you ever seen a website that made you cringe? Yeah, us too. We see websites where the content is squished, fonts and colors are awful and the page takes too long to load. If it happens to be yours (don’t worry, we’re not here to judge), consider these tips make your website stand out, in a good way.

Whitespace really does matter. 

Too much clutter on a website can confuse the user. The use of whitespace is a game changer so users can focus on your message. Add some bold headings paragraph breaks. This helps the visitor better comprehend the information and find exactly what they are looking for.

Pick colors that work, and stay on brand.

Next to cluttered text, incompatible colors are often part of an unsuccessful design. Use your style guide to keep you on track for color choice. Create a color palette to fit your brand and use images that provide an emotional response as well as suit your overall brand. If you have a brand style guide use that for guidance.

Use high-quality images.

Pictures are worth 1,000 words, so why not make them awesome? Even if it’s a free stock image (some of our favorites include Kaboompics and Pexels), high-quality images speak volumes about your brand and personality. Refer to your style guide and search for images that meet those guidelines.   

Keep it intuitive.

An intuitive navigation is important for any business. When a user visits your website, they often have a goal in mind. Whether it’s to read your blog, look at the careers section, or join an email list, it should be easy to locate each of those pages. 

Check the loading speed.

How long does it take for your website to load? The average person will wait only four seconds (sometimes less) for a page to load before leaving the site. Programs such as Pingdom Website Speed Test provide you with a site performance grade and loading speed. If your site is on the slower end, check the sizes of your images and/or videos. Your hosting plan can also impact the speed of your site.