You don’t have to work in a creative field to understand the feeling of a “creative block.” Some of us may remember those days in high school and college when you experienced writers block and had to walk away from your desk to stimulate your brain. These creative blocks come in many shapes and forms, and they’re not just for writers. Artists, designers, marketers (among many others) know this to be a familiar feeling. Regardless of your industry, you likely know what it feels like, but how do you get over it? Here are a few ways you can stay creative and find your way over the block.  

Listen to podcasts.

Instead of listening to new music, sit down and discover a new podcast. With examples such as “Creative Pep Talk” and “Design Matters”, there are ample amounts of conversations that can leave you feeling inspired. You can also listen to influencers on TedTalks or YouTube to learn more about the industry and developing trends. 

Be around creative people.

Artists who spend time in galleries or museums often walk away feeling driven to create something new. And it’s not limited to visual art. The same can be said for performance art and even the art of cooking. Because we’re all foodies here at FCD, we can agree on the fact that an incredible meal gives us the motivation to go home and try to create something just as amazing. 

Allow yourself to make mistakes.

If you have that little voice telling you that you can’t do something or that you’re doing it wrong, ignore it. If you let yourself feel free to do your work and create something new (mistakes and all), you’ll be surprised where your creativity and imagination can go. 

Take a walk.

Something as simple as taking a walk will refresh your brain and allow you to feel more creative. If you’re more of a cardio person, no worries. The adrenalin is a nice touch to getting over that creative block. Some people need for vigorous exercise, but you’d be surprised what some fresh air can do for your mind.

Collect creative sites.

When you find a site you like, bookmark it. Sites like Pinterest also serve as a great tool for inspiration. Between recipes, DIY projects, floral arrangements and so much more, members of this community have an unlimited exposure to creative ideas. Inspiration can be found if you know where to look.

Keep an ideas notebook.

Whenever you think of something, jot it down. Even if it is something small. You can also keep a diary for your daily thoughts. The act of exploratory witting can lead you to create something you never expected.

Here at Full Circle Design, we are a mix of creative, all with our own specialty.