SAGE Environmental, an environmental, health & safety firm in Rhode Island needed to authenticate themselves as a leader in the Environmental Science and Technology industry. Its existing brand and single landing page did not provide credibility in the industry. The main objective was to grow the business, boost the company image, and portray the team as thought leaders in the industry.

SAGE provides health and safety services to clients throughout New England. To be a leader in the EH&S industry, it was imperative SAGE rebuild its brand to reflect its culture and commitment to new technologies and practices in the industry. In order to accomplish that goal, Full Circle Design proposed a complete overhaul of the existing brand, website, and marketing collateral.

The Website:

The old website served as a single page brochure, lacked credibility, and didn’t accurately portray the expertise or size of the company. With no team page, SAGE was unable to reflect the company depth and capabilities, which is key in authenticating SAGE as industry experts. The project portfolio was non-existent, hindering SAGE’s ability to illustrate its full scope of work.

Our goal was to build a brand and responsive website that would not only wow the industry, but establish SAGE as an industry leader. In order to boost credibility, Full Circle Design integrated calls to action so the user could verify SAGE’s credibility, team depth and showcase a portfolio that demonstrated the scale of projects they were capable of working on. Full Circle Design collaborated with SAGE to create a compelling story, including its rich history while sharing the company mission.  

Key Elements of the New Design Include:
  • Calls to action to guide users through the website
  • Market and service page to establish industry depth and credibility
  • A portfolio page to show the magnitude and scale of projects and markets
  • A team page to help users understand the company size and individual strengths of each team member
  • A  blog page to share industry and company news to help users recognize SAGE as a thought leader in the EH&S industry

Early on, SAGE and Full Circle Design determined that a bold, strong and masculine brand was essential.


As one of the most important elements of a brand, color is what sets the tone of the company and conveys its message. This meant removing the existing “green” used in the old logo. Full Circle Design chose red to characterize strength, relief, guidance, and protection. SAGE is there for you when a company is facing a major setback and in a terrible environmental situation.

The word Environmental was set outside of the square intentionally to offer distinction and prominence to SAGE.

SAGE Environmental is now equipped to implement a new growth strategy and can begin to focus on achieving their goal as an industry leader. Full Circle Design will continue on as their marketing partner to maintain a strong marketing presence and achieve industry recognition. If your company is looking to rebrand, or create a new website, contact Full Circle Design.