International Structural Acupuncture (ISA), an acupuncture program connected to the Harvard Medical School, contacted us in the Spring of 2017. Issues with its user interface and the registration system were common pain points (pun intended) among the students. ISA was looking to enhance its visibility online, increase ease of use, and install an LMS (Learning Management System).

During the Discovery phase, we found that this was quite a large project. In order to deploy the website efficiently, it was necessary to break it up into two phases.

Phase 1 included a major update of the look and feel of the site. Simultaneously, Full Circle did an overhaul of the payment/registration system and implemented the LMS. The previous version of the site did not use any LMS tools. This added to the frustration of the students and staff running the courses. Full Circle integrated Lifter LMS, a program that handles all the course registrations and scheduling. This new software enables ISA to add, remove and edit courses within the WordPress dashboard.

In addition to Lifter, Full Circle used WooCommerce and custom programing to create a streamlined solution for ISA’s complex payment system. Now, ISA has the capability to include tiered discounts and returning customer discounts. WooCommerce also keeps orders, products, and payments organized and easy to manage.

Another update was creating a completely functional and mobile responsive site. This benefits students who register for courses from their phone, and for those who need to search for a practitioner. The previous version was responsive to a point, but was difficult to navigate.

Key elements of the new design include:

  • Calls to action that guide a user to his/her point of interest
  • A complete list of available practitioners in the users’ area
  • Use of high-quality images throughout
  • Responsive to fit all devices and computers
  • WooCommerce, combined with custom coding, to handle a complex payment system

Full Circle Design completed the first phase of the project in August 2017. Phase 2 will include a resources area, where students can find course documents, videos, and presentations. The project is set for completion by the end of Fall 2017. Check back for updates on this project in the coming months.