contact page

A website is a visual representation of your company, its values, team and services. If it’s done well, your audience will develop a strong connection with your brand. Yet, even if you have a beautiful website with a steady flow of traffic, you can still miss out on inquiries. But how? It could be about the contact page. If it’s not designed well or doesn’t include correct information, you could miss out on potential leads. Even minor improvements can make a difference. While the issue could be the result of a number of factors, we’ve highlighted the most common mistakes below.

It’s Hard to Find:

A great place to include your contact page link is in your main navigation or as a CTA in your header image. Another common place is in the footer of your website, however, having a contact page itself is key. If a visitor doesn’t see your details right away, they may assume that you don’t want to be reached. Or worse: that you’re not a credible company.

There’s Only One Method of Contact:

Businesses that only list a phone number risk losing out on at least one group of customers. Depending on the customer and the service you offer, a phone call may not always be an option. Businesses should include an alternative method of communication, such as an address, an email, or a live chat option. If your business is social, a contact page should include links to all your social profiles.

The Contact Form Doesn’t Work:

Contact pages with forms are great for building a database, but run the risk of “breaking.” This can hurt your business, especially if the only way to get in touch is through the contact form. One way to prevent this is to send tests every couple of weeks. If you notice an issue, work with a developer to solve it immediately. This is another reason why it’s a good idea to have more than one contact option on your website. The same can be said for making your website completely responsive. A contact form that works on a mobile device will always be more efficient. Especially since the majority of smartphone users use their phones to access and browse the internet.

Your Information is Wrong:

Calling up a wrong number or getting an undeliverable email when you’re trying to reach a business is frustrating. For companies that move frequently or have a high turnover, be sure to update your contact page with correct emails, phone numbers and addresses. If not updated, the next customer who tries to contact you may bring their business elsewhere.