Email marketing can be a tricky feat. There’s a certain feeling that comes from crafting a perfect email. Even the most beautiful and well thought out email campaign will fail if no one reads it. Spam filters are growing increasingly better. Email marketing programs such as MailChimp put restrictions on contact lists in order to keep the emails clean and going to valid recipients. So, what can you do to keep your email out of the spam box? Well, there’s a few things:

  • Use alt-text for your images so the email client can “read” the image
  • Include an option to unsubscribe at the bottom of your email
  • Avoid using spam words/phrases such as “compare” and “free” (you can see the full list of trigger words here)
  • Use spam checkers before sending

Even if your email makes it into your customers’ inbox, you still need to keep them engaged. We’ve rounded up three of the most common mistakes that can cause a person to unsubscribe from your emails.

You’re sending too many

Ever been inundated with emails from the same brand? Let’s be honest – it gets annoying, and ultimately reaches a point when we either unsubscribe or delete it from our inbox. When it comes to the frequency of sending emails, it will depend on your industry and the size of your contact list. Segmenting your lists is always helpful (and often strongly recommended), but in some cases, you will want to send your email to everyone. Generally speaking, one to four emails a month is enough to keep customers interested without being overdone. 

You’re not optimizing for mobile

As it goes for your website, ensuring a responsive email design is key. More than 50 percent of emails are opened on a mobile device, and that number is only going to increase. With the advancement of technology, it’s important to keep on trend and make adjustments when necessary. If your email doesn’t respond well on smartphones, it’s likely your customer will unsubscribe. Give your email a quick test before you send it out. Litmus is an excellent tool that shows you how your email will display across a number of devices – not just apple and android.

Your content isn’t meeting expectations

With less than 10 seconds to grab a users’ attention, you need to make your content interesting. Not surprisingly, people sign up for email lists when they’re interested in the company or brand. Perhaps it’s to obtain a discount code or to read the latest industry news. Regardless of the reason, if the content doesn’t meet or match the expectations of the customer, the unsubscribe button is that much closer in their mind.